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Downin's Inc Services

Downin's Inc Services

Fast Delivery

Downin’s Inc maintains at its Machesney Park, IL warehouse a large inventory of spark plugs, spark plug accessories, tools, ignition systems, and ignition components. We specialize in offering same day shipment on most items.


Downin’s Inc offers over 50 years of hands-on experience relative to industrial spark plug and industrial ignition applications. Call us today for assistance in specing the right product for you!

Custom Assembly

Downin’s Inc offers custom specification and assembly of virtually any type of secondary ignition lead. We maintain a large inventory of components, and can offer 24 hour service on most lead assemblies, built exactly to your specifications.

Ignition Repair

Downin’s Inc offers full service for ignition control repairs and exchange. We maintain our own test facility in our Machesney Park office. Ignition repair services is offered on any brand of ignition control. Ignition coil testing and cleaning is also a service we provide.


Downin’s Inc offers classroom training, on-site or off-site, for the following:

  • Spark Plug Theory
  • Spark Plug Installation & Maintenance
  • Ignition System Theory
  • Ignition System Installation
  • Ignition System Maintenance & Troubleshooting

All of our training sessions are completely free of charge to our customers. Call us today to schedule your training sessions.